1. Create a certain Goal or Objective
  2. Build your Niche.
  3. Create a good awareness.
  4. Engage your targeted Audience
  5. Create uniqueness in your brand
  6. Have a clear Goal
  7. Choose one or more social media platform to reach more audience
  8. Invest in paid Promotions.
  1. CREATE A CERTAIN GOAL OR OBJECTIVE: To set out your business, irrespective of your niche it is good to set your goals, how well you want your business to grow,give a clear forecast of where you want the business to attain, and your targeted audience {the age group, gender and interest}.
  2. BUILD YOUR NICHE: Building a niche is another crucial part of growing your business online, creating that specialization that your targeted audience will know you for. And reach you anytime such a product or service is needed.
  3. CREATE A GOOD AWARENESS: Creating a strong awareness is good for every small scale business because few people know you or your business. This can be done by creating promotional designs with no sales motive, it is done just for people to know your business is now an option for them to consider.
  4. ENGAGE YOUR TARGETED AUDIENCE: This is also a vital part in a small scale business and also in established business, whereby you create questions or engage your clients to know what are what they require from your business, there expectations and how better you can deliver your products or services.
  5. CREATE UNIQUENESS IN YOUR BRAND: This is what makes you stand out in the market place. Another word for this is what your CORE VALUES are. What are those things your business possess that can’t be found elsewhere. Once you answer this question you are on your way to grow your business through social media platforms.
  6. HAVE A CLEAR GOAL: This is very important, because before investing your money on any social media platform you have to identify your clear goals because this helps you choose the social media platform your targeted audiences resides.
  7. CHOOSE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM: There are several social media platforms with their peculiarities like Facebook, twitter, instagram, whatSapp, pinterest, LinkedIn and others. Each of this platform have the preferred audience users and the kind of content that your business needs to upload to sell. For example video content gets more engagement on instagram.
  8. INVEST IN PAID PROMOTION: Social media platforms have help a lot of small scale businesses to grow their businesses and sell to their targeted audience. As a growing business you need to make use of this platform by investing a good amount of money, get a little skill about digital marketing to help you know how to channel your money properly. Then convert to a good number of sales.

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