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What Makes a Great Video Ad?

Before we get to the good part (the ads!), let’s do a quick run-through of the major elements of a successful one.

A great video ad should, with a few exceptions, meet the following criteria:

  1. It grabs the eye in the first few seconds.
    In an increasingly busy online world, you must work hard to grab attentions. A video advert should use the first 3 precious seconds to draw your audience in with something inherently eye-catching.
  2. It keeps viewers invested with an emotional core.
    Your ad should offer something valuable, otherwise viewers won’t waste their time. Appeal to their emotions — be entertaining, inspiring or educational.
  3. It’s tailored specifically to the audience.
    One of the key benefits of video ads is how carefully you can target them. Make sure you’re tailoring your content to your target audience’s state of mind and stage in the marketing funnel.
  4. It has a clear Call-to-Action.
    Don’t waste the goodwill you’ve built up. Make it clear what you want your viewers to do after watching your ad, and easy for them to do it. Encourage them get involved!
  5. It’s no longer than it needs to be.
    Yes, these days a lot of successful ads are several minutes long. But they still need to be punchy and concise. Take as long as you need to communicate your message and no longer.

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